Топик по английскому: Anti-Christianity


Believe in Nothing

The depiction of Jesus we see all around us. We see him in books, we see him in churches. We see him on the internet, we see him on television. We see what is an assumption of Jesus’ appearance. One man made a guess of what Jesus looks like based on the appearance of an average Jewish man. Since then, we have been using a mask to portray a man, if not a woman, that did not exist. We are always told of his existence, but not how we come about that conclusion. The Bible in fact, is our only proof of Jesus’ existence. Many simply rely on their faith, without need for evidence. However, knowing Christianity is not based on facts, it cannot be certain that those who follow are following the correct path. Actually it is certain that the belief in Christianity is the wrong path, for it causes more harm than good.

Centuries ago, as Christianity gained an increasing amount of believers, the believers started thinking beyond the traditional beliefs. Many supposed great followers of the Christian religion, became betrayers of their religion. If one believes in a religion, they must obey its rules, commandments or such. Instead of for example Martin Luther, who formed a new type of Christianity, to satisfy his own will. His desire was for the people to worship God and Christ directly, instead of having a middle man such as the Pope. Later he was to create Lutheranism. Those who create and follow new forms of Christianity have betrayed their true religion. Believing in the Christ is bad enough, betraying Christianity and still believing in a new type is even worse.

Throughout history and to the present day, the belief in Christianity has been the cause of many evil scams and tragedies. A perfect example would be the indulgences and fake relics sold during the Catholic Reformation. About 300 years ago, the church was selling false hope to satisfy their lust for money. Many believers however disagree and claim that churches improve communities. They create a true community where help is plentiful, and joy is most common. But is religion truly necessary for improving communities? The Priests and such could continue, but without religion. The goal for a better community is not only a religious goal, but also one in life.

One thing that religion does to one’s mind, it give a false sense of hope. The majority of Christians pray regularly, keeping their faith and expecting God to fulfil their prayers. Obviously, prayers are often ignored, to which many people respond with great foolishness. As a Latin American Priest once said on television, «My prayer was not answered because God had already made his plans for me». So every time their prayers are answered, God is helping. On the other hand, if the prayers are ignored, then God has already made his plans and cannot fulfil the prayer. It’s a win — win situation for God. To me, it seems more like a false hope — false hope situation.

According to the Bible, God created Adam and Eve in order to start man kind. Adam and Eve then had two boys, Cain and Abel. Whether there were more children is uncertain, however the Bible only mentions these two boys. If in fact there were no other children, man kind could not expand, unless Cain or Abel reproduce with their own mother, Eve. This idea is of such vulgar, that it is highly doubtful. The only other possibility is that there were in fact more children, of which girls. In order to produce more generations, the siblings would have to reproduce. However, it is a well known scientific fact that children of sibling parents have a greatly increased chance of degeneration. So if the Bible were accurate, our ancestors were probably mentally and physically handicapped.

At present day, religious prejudice creates great conflicts. In Ireland, Christianity has caused for an almost endless battle between the Catholics and Protestants. They’ve made everyday events, such as walking to the market, life threatening. Street wars involving innocent people were created by intolerance for separate beliefs. The Catholics blame the Protestants. And the Protestants blame the Catholics. But I blame Christianity.

After stating the previous six points proving Christianity causes more harm than good, only those who are already blinded by lies proposed by the Bible, will be left to pray to a man that does not exist, pay for false hope, be misled by their faith, lead by a book that proposes irrational ideas, and killed for believing in something different.