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Appropriate to use jargon

First we need to understand what jargon is and mean in different atmospheres. Jargon» is a term that is defined as «verbal behavior of children, beginning at about 9 months and ceasing at about 18 months, which contains a variety of syllables that are inflected in a manner approximating meaningful connected speech» (Terminology of Communication Disorders). Author William Lutz points out that jargon is a kind of «doublespeak»—»a language that pretends to communicate but really doesn’t. It is language that conceals or prevents thought; rather than extending thought, doublespeak limits it.» He clarifies this with a classification of four kinds of doublespeak, among which is jargon: «a second kind of doublespeak is jargon, the specialized language of a trade, profession, or similar group such as that used by doctors, lawyers, engineers and educators. I think an important point about jargon is it’s often makes the simple appear complex, the ordinary profound, the obvious insightful. There are times when jargon is very appropriate. For instance, I remembered when the President of the USA has engaged with the President of Russia on a debate of the international use of space stations. There are technical terms or jargon that both Presidents will use in order to talk about technical systems on the space stations themselves and in relation to forming an agreement. I had to breakdown some it to my wife what they were really saying. I knew a lot about the issues they were speaking because I like anything that deals with technology and space. The scientific jargon associated with the space station was created for such use but when both Presidents step up to the podium to speak to the press about the progress that they are making then both will use words that the public will understand and not the jargon that was used in their meetings. The Presidents may use a few instances of jargon because the term in widely understood by the public. Also relevant are the two types of jargon that will be used. Legal and scientific; the legal teams must understand the scientific jargon so that legal agreements are clearly understood in regards to usage of the space stations, equipment deployment and maintenance. The issue of jargon becomes complicated when two unfamiliar languages must work with one another. Jargon causes problems to arise when it is used to communicate with people outside the particular field who don’t understand the terms and phrases. It can alienate readers and listeners. Most commonly used in the computer field. I used the term interface when it come computer talking to each other. As the computer age extended to the masses the term also means in to another person or more. If I go around an elderly person that has no experience of the computer they would be lost of what I was talking about. That was example of going outside the intended audience and the misuse of jargon. I am in the military and we use jargon everyday. Acronyms are famous for the military. Acronyms such as PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course), NCOs (Non-Commission Officer), PT (Physical Training) and LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) are a form of jargon. My lady is a civilian and when I start speaking military jargon and using acronyms she looks at me funny and tells me to say that again so I can understand. The more I speak military jargon around her and translate it she learns to understand me more. Jargon can by consider a language but with limits to whom know of your profession. The army and nave are both part of the military but acronyms with the same letters can means a total different thing. Jargon is a good thing especially when you are speaking and you need to make an important statement but you only want people of your profession to be able to understand, like what the two Presidents done. References: William Lutz, http://www. kiddmillennium. com/jargon. htm Guide for Business Communication, http://www. wartburg. edu/bus/campbell/BA325/wr03t1sug. htm Business language analysis http://www. cis. morrisville. edu/oneilpa/CIS220/OOInfoSysLONG. htm

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