Топик по английскому: Beto cuevas

Beto cuevas

There are many rock bands in the world. One of them is the Spanish singing band of La Ley (The Law). Luis Alberto Cuevas Olmedo or «Beto» as everybody knows him, is the vocalist and the image of the band. Thanks to Beto’s hard work, dedication, and education, La Ley has exported their music all over Latin America and the United States.

To begin, Alberto Cuevas was born in Santiago de Chile, the capital of Chile, September the 12th, 1967. When he was four years old, he moved to live in Venezuela. Then, he went to Canada, and France. When he was twenty years old. he went back to Chile. Once in Chile, he joined the rock band that his friend Andres Bobe was putting together. From that moment on, he started to work hard for the band. He made his debut in1989 when the band’s first CD came out. The CD was called «Desiertos»(«Deserts») from which only 500 copies where made. Then, two years later, they recorded a new CD called «Doble Opuesto.» In 1994, the band suffered a tragedy. the founder of the band Andres Bobe got killed in a car accident. In his memory, Beto wrote five songs about Bobe. In 1996, they signed a record deal with WEA Latina. They took advantage of this opportunity and recorded a new album, which was called «Invisible.» La Ley used the five songs Beto wrote in Bobe’s name. This album, with songs like «Dia Cero» «El Duelo,» and Cielo Market» was a hit in Mexico, Latin America, Spain, and the United Sates.

Thanks to Beto’s hard work, La Ley has got to the point where it is right now. Besides singing, Beto also designs the drawings and designs they use on their CDs. He does this because he studied graphic design in a university in France. That is where he learned to speak perfect French. He also speaks perfect English. He learned to speak English when he was in Canada. While he was living in Canada, before joining the band, he took music classes. He learned to sing, play both the acoustic and electric guitar. He also learned to play the drums and the piano.

To conclude, La Ley has been around for ten years. They have been through tough times like when the founder of the band, Andres Bobe, died. But thanks to Beto’s hard work and dedication they have come through. That is why many people admire Beto. I agree with them, but I also like the way he sings. I am proud to say that I am a fan of La Ley.