Топик по английскому: Catholics and Protestants

Catholics and Protestants

To all who care —

I have noticed that over the years of my studies, I have seen Catholics and Protestans argue countless hours of non-stop debates over petty little things about the Catholic church. For example: «Do not worship Mary…» «Saints are not real…» «The pope is usless…» ETC.

Now, I do not want to make anyone feel small here, because we are ALL mighty warriors for Christ when we accept Him…and there are NO labels in the eyes of God. However, I must say that I am disappointed in all of the ones who actually behave in this manner. I ask you all: How many of you, Protestant or Catholic, know a family member, friend, or even neighbor who does not know Christ? How many of you know someone who does not believe in God at all?

I write this letter not to make anyone feel down about their social life with their family/friends/close ones…but to help you think. You would rather argue and debate about how Mary is not to be worshiped? (Which by the way, if anyone Catholic OR Protestant, would actually study Catholicsm, they would know that Catholics do not worship her at all…) You would rather argue about how the pope isn’t helping this world at all? Shame on you who say, «Yes, I would…» Would you argue back and forth with someone very close to you that you loved very much in your family? If you say no, then tell me, why do you do it in your spiritual family with Christ? WE ARE ALL children of God…let us not argue, but better ourselves in living with Him.

Think about it: Argue…or help those without Christ at all?……..

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