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Gettysburg address example of effective communication

I do feel the speech was a speech that made it point. The speech was very basic. The speech was analyzed and it showed that 217 words of the 266-word speech were one-syllable words, but they done the job. The army has a saying of «bottom line up front» which I feel this speech represented. To be truthful about the speech I feel the speech got its point across to the people but I don’t feel it’s a speech to be praised like it has been. Understanding the times that education was not a focus to 90% of the population. Therefore the use of the one-syllable words probably was the best way to communicate to the people. If this is the case, then yes I can say it was a great speech for it time and location. If we actually look at writing like the Mesopotamia Era then 1863 A. D. it was very spiritual and poetic. Yes again, the speech was an effective speech. The speech as I can understand was directed to the audience in more ways then one, as I mention earlier. I can remember in high school that it was stated that President Lincoln was laugh at by his own cabin members because of his blur speech and lack of academic knowledge. As I stated in the last paragraph that President Lincoln lack of academic knowledge. I also remember in class that we were to read the Gettysburg Address and give our views of it. Over 80% of the class wanted to know what so impressive about it. As I re-read it again I am still not impressed. The speech used generic words that yes it said to the audience his thoughts of the sacrifice the soldiers gave for the union but it was «simply» spoken. I do give credit were credit is due. In his address Lincoln highlighted that the men who fought at Gettysburg were not fighting for personal gain or fame; they fought to preserve an idea, the idea that all mean are created equal. I gave more credit to him according what he stood for then I can for the speech. I must say that this speech caught the audience attention and had to be effective. If an audience of approximate 20,000 people was impresses and captivated but his speech who am I to criticize. I liked what the President stood for. He stood for equal right, which in those days equality for Blacks and Jews were lacking. His speech and dedication to change the union has a big impact on the nation today.

As I listened to the audio of William V. Rathvon, the only known eyewitness of the speech gave by President Lincoln. I felt his emotion from what he recalled 75 years ago. The effectiveness of the speech was heard from the tone of William V. Rathvon. The speech to him was left a mark on him that he took to the grave. This was a simple worded speech that had an atomic effect on listeners that day and thereafter. Today as I go from web-site to web-site I read the affect it has on readers of the speech. Despite my views of the speech, the speech up roared the sprits of the listeners. Within his speech he also Stated the goal of the battle in which the soldiers died for. I always knew the purpose of the confederate flag but today it represents with bad intents such as segregation. If we all understand that the battle of Gettysburg is why we have a President for the entire United States. If we could imagine that each state had its own president that we would still be battling each other for land. So with the purpose of the war and the message of the speech yes, it captivated our hearts.

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