Топик по английскому: Raving


Over the years I’ve seen many people get addicted to the rave scene in many ways. Financially, Socially, and Mentally. Raving in itself seems to be more addictive than the drugs performed at them. Raves persuade people to become dependant on each other.

Financially Raves drain your wallet, sure the ticket only costs at the most $30, for an everyday party but then there’s the drugs (if any), the clothing, the transportation, the food, the drinks, the accessories everything piles up to be a ton of money… Easy to go through at least a hundred with out the drugs. Many Ravers work solely to party, I know a couple of people who just pick up odd jobs just before raves to be able to pay for it or Just after raves to replenish they’re bank accounts just in time to do it all again the weekend after. All financial priorities seem to go down the drain when a rave is announced, the first thing thought of is «Who’s spinning?» And «I’m There». There is absolutely no consideration of money, or how much the night is actually going to cost.

Socially Raving is an amazing place to meet new people, but these people are hardly dependant on. The scene spreads all over the place and friends show up from basically everywhere in Southern Ontario. The realistic chance of having a strong friendship with someone like that is slim to none. Rave friends are good to be around within the scene but outside of it they can’t really do shit on your personal life. Friends from Parties usually only talk about Parties with each other. The relationships depend on ICQ or AOL or MSN to be able to stay intact. Some Ravers see it fit to choose these friendship over the stable ones that have been in the making for years, as some Ravers prefer the scene and the technologies around it to other things that go on in life that are more important in a priority sense.

Mentally raving become the reason to live for some. Everyone says they live and breathe P. L.U. R. but when all is said and done can any of you really say you go home and completely respect every moment of that night. That you united with many and never disrespected anyone. That during that night you found Peace within your self and others, and your love for the people who bothered, hung off of, and annoyed you is stronger than ever?

«Raving might be a good escape from Reality, but to Reality you must return»