Топик по английскому: The Necessity of Law and Order in Democracy and Shopping Centers

The Necessity of Law and Order in Democracy and Shopping Centers

The convenience of our shopping centers and their market environments’, lie solely upon the foundation of democracy, and it’s political structure. There is a distinct connection between shopping centers and democracy, where both factors are extremely important to our country, and both work in very similar ways. In our history, the growth of democracy was complimentary with shopping malls, in regards to the expansion and prosperity of our nation. Today, shopping malls participate in the fluctuation of our economy, provide service to satisfy daily needs, and embody our culture. In fact, it could be concluded that shopping malls and their market environments’, are almost a direct reflection of our democratic society. In addition, these shopping centers rely on democracy, and its political institutions, in order to prosper. Although there is a specific connection between shopping centers and democracy, shopping centers also contain internal symbolism which pertains to all humanity universally. Shopping centers today, closely resemble democracy, and the development of the new world. With out order, shopping centers, or democracy, fail to function. «No democratic society can flourish with out law and order» (Gruen and Smith 407). In the beginning, before government and civilization, the world was in its natural state. The only right that a man had was the right to his life, and every man was on his own. Therefore, in order to ensure their own survival, men would continue to kill each other off in this natural state, constricting any room for advancement. The world lacked order, reasoning, and unity. Even though it was a long process, humans eventually took the first steps toward a solution; by reasoning, they came together and created a form of government. Government and politics, are generally responsible for saving mankind from their own human nature. These primitive governments marked the end of the world, in its natural state, and caused the beginning of world development. Although these governments created positive changes, they were unsuccessful. Like most governments, they lacked the necessary qualities, which democracies possess, in order to find the right balance between the people, government, and economy. Consequently, through much time and evolution, the world emerged into what it is today. Of course, it is important to understand and analyze the circumstances of the natural world when connecting democracy, and shopping centers. Due to the fact that at some point in our history, some form of government was established, and only because of this, shopping centers became present in society. Basically, with out government, in general, our world only exists in its natural state, and shopping centers for that matter, are nonexistent as well. The symbolism behind shopping centers, is that they exemplify our world, as the exact opposite, of what our world used to be in it’s natural state. Moreover, shopping malls are a symbol of law and order in the form of «complexity, especially the intricate coordination needed to produce each day’s consumption» (Farrell 383) which is essential in economic prosperity. Furthermore, the entire structure of the mall itself, symbolizes the necessity of democracy, and its political composition. The architectural structure, which commonly consist of simple circles and squares, personifies the consistency of order in democracy. These geometric shapes, in correspondence to government, consist of extremely strict rules, and contain precise boundaries. In our shopping centers, the enforcement of these rules create a physiologically safe environment for shopping, and selling. The actual geometry of the building, being in circles or squares, makes the enforcement of rules, order, and general maintenance easier. «These circles, squares, and crosses are a way of saying that the universe and, finally, our lives are symmetrical, well regulated, ordered, and under control» (Zepp Jr. 417). In addition, these large structures symbolize unity, between producers and consumers, a very important aspect in the structure, and success of democracy. The establishment of shopping centers, initiates a positive fluctuation of economy, the gathering of diverse businesses, and the gathering of consumers to satisfy needs, and wants. Ultimately, these shopping centers represent order, prosperity, and unity. However, with in the atmosphere of the market place, lingers the real significance between democracy and it’s shopping malls. Primarily, in our democratic government, the people are granted two very important freedoms which enables our shopping malls, and markets, to be what they are today. The first is freedom of enterprise, which enables an individual to lawfully pursue, and engage in any business of his choice. Also, he is authorized to any resource, land, or capital he requires. The second freedom is, freedom of choice, where producers, and consumers, are able to lawfully govern their own money, and property. Naturally, this initiates the concern for others’ values, and needs, «expressed so powerfully in our malls» (Farrell 383). Due to the recognition of people’s needs, combined with the freedom’s granted by democracy, competition is created with in the market. Competition is one of democracy’s most defining characteristics, and is also responsible for the luxury of our American lives. Competition is the thriving source, which fuels the economy, and allows for growth in retail development. For example, in a communist market, where the income among all business owners is the same, the slightest thought of consumer satisfaction is inexistent. Primarily, there was no free enterprise, and all business profits belong to the government. Consequently, the need to provide good service ceased; peoples’ values were ignored, and producers lacked motivation to create new products. In essence, the absence of competition deteriorated the desire for profits, and submerged all interests in monetary policy. These markets eventually failed, and did not work efficiently while they operated. Although in a democratic market, all of the factors necessary for the market to prosper, are satisfied and are existent. Democracy provides the ideal framework, which allows for our shopping centers to be what they are today. In conclusion, democracy is a symbol of the new world, where our human rights are protected, and where our world flourishes. Without government, our society does not exist, with out democracy society remains stagnant. Therefore, world history is just the long and great effort of mankind, searching for an answer to the best way of living life together. Democracy is the answer, and it is the key to success, as portrayed in simple context of a shopping mall. Thus, great interest is invested into the design of shopping centers, which illustrates the unique economic infrastructure that outlines a democratic society. Law and order, as portrayed in democratic societies, are vital elements to the development and success of civilization as a whole, and provide » most significant contributions to the enrichment of our lives» (Gruen and Smith 408).

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