Топик по английскому: Why oil shortage will send us back to the Stone Age

Why oil shortage will send us back to the Stone Age.

«Green» is the party which most dismiss as a waste of time, a joke of a party whose policies would not cover any of the relevant social issues of our time. It like policies such as communism woud only be applicable in a perfect world, and unfortunately we are far from this goal, «Perfect» having many different meanings to different people. But don’t be too hasty to ignore the policies concerning fuel. It is essential that it is understood that EVERYTHING revolves around fuel. I repeat EVERYTHING. Doesn’t seen too appealing, does it, to have to rely on something so seemingly trivial to some of us. And haha guess what? WE are running out. IF we dont start installing renewable sources of energy, we will wake up in 2040 and nothing will function, we will be sent hurtling back to the stone ages, years of work, of civilisation gone to pot.

How? There are hundreds of thousands of power stations in the Uk alone DEPENDANT on oil! If we run out, we can say goodbye to electricity and every convenience and luxury we associate with it. Transport will come to a stand still. How many of you can say you dont depend on your car, or bus etc. How the hell would you cope? Business depends on oil, even small one’s that can only get their goods via TRANSPORT. Doctors, dentists, lawyers need their cars to get to work. AND we NEED THEM! Prices will rocket, as fuel and products and electricity gets scarce, it will be 1923 Germany all over! Hello, Great Depression. ANd i dont think a bloody Rentenmark is going to fix this one.

SO wake up EUrope, Uk, America all you powers, wake up to this imminent crisis.

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